2015 BDA 5: Caldecotte - 4th July


By Aaron Robinson.

This was the most successful BDA in Typhoon’s history - yet the captain was still not happy.

Jose would not be defeated. Still aching from his Ironman, and sporting the bag, the flip flops and the Ironman t-shirt to prove it, Jose’s motorbike started wobbling violently at high speed on the road to Milton Keynes. It could have killed him, but 'the Ninja' would not let anything stop him from getting to the race for he knew today would be special.

Handed a speeding ticket after the Nottingham BDA (when Typhoon almost beat Amathus - a coincidence?) our fitness coach, James, was targeted by the police and forced to hand in his driving license so he could not drive to the venue. Yet even corrupt cops could not stop him from getting there, for he knew that today would be special.

Will felt the same. KFC was officially banned from the team, and Will knew the importance of eating right, especially today. So he pulled into McDonalds instead where he and others enjoyed a nutritional pre-race Mcbreakfast.  

The morning started well. A new black and orange chequered flag fluttered from our tent as Typhoon 1 gained pole position from their 200m heat. Typhoon Too then produced arguably a better performance by producing the 10th fastest time of the first race with only 17 paddlers, including a heroic paddle from Tashfeen who was fasting for the day. Beat that, Typhoon 1!


The semi finals came and went. In between bites of her peanut butter sandwich, coach Kim said the righties on both boats were killing it, but looking at the lefties made her regret being born.

Typhoon 1 in the major final. An explosive start saw us off the blocks and a boat ahead. We maintained the lead until 50m till the end and then Amathus clawed back. Oh no! But sorry guys, we rule the 200m now. Will’s McFlurry kicked in and we pushed ourselves over the line in 1st place! ‘Welcome to the big table’.


Typhoon 2 finished strongly too, beating Exe-Calibre, an experienced Premier League team no less in their Tail 3 race. Lunch, and a time to chat and pretend to cheer on the ladies. Jeff impressed me with his knowledge of apples, while JC’s baby had everyone going ‘aww’.


The LRC Ladies had received a makeover and were now called the Leopards and the Lynxes. I had a dog called Lynx once. Except it was spelt ‘Lincs’. She was a border collie and had different coloured eyes. Anyway, the Leopards took it from the Lynxes (or was it the other way round?) finishing 2nd and 3rd and receiving two unique pink cow trophies to add to their ever growing collection.


In the 500s, Typhoon Two qualified for the minor plate minor final. Despite receiving a time penalty for Darren’s sunglasses, they pushed the Pandas and the Dragonflies all the way. The team “has gained a lot of experience and will be looking forward to the future races with great anticipation, hunger and optimism” according to co-captain Kevin. That is fighting talk!

The 500 major final for Typhoon 1. “I want two cows - let’s milk them!” declared Katja, and “das ist gut, ja? Ve come for ze cows”. She didn’t say the last one, but that is how I imagine Katja speaking sometimes.

And we almost got them. Exhausted by the heat, but spurred on to each “give nothing but nothing less than your best”, a huge push saw us take the lead against Amathus in the 500m final. But the last 50m this time saw Amathus pull ahead, and we couldn’t quite take the double gold.

Among the duck poo, the windmill, the runners and the sunburn, Milton Keynes was a fantastic day. The most successful BDA in Typhoon’s history? Yes, but the captain wasn’t entirely happy, and rightly so. This is just the beginning. We all know that….

Well done to the Turtles ShangShang, Mark and Chris who made it through their first BDA, with more to come I hope. Also a massive thank you to Laura for once again lending her helming expertise to both of the Typhoon teams all day.