2015 BDA 2: Nottingham - 17th May

By Ed Tran

First race for Typhoon was the 200m heat against Hurricanes and Worcester. Typhoon had an immense start to leave the competition behind almost immediately. We smashed the race, albeit with a bit of a rocky boat towards the end. Laura doing an excellent helming job after a while out!  Next up for Typhoon, the 200m semis against Secklow and Notts Anaconda. Once again, Typhoon had a brilliant start and a better finish than the previous race. Typhoon qualified for the major final - hooray! A spot of Paddle Tennis / Paddle Cricket to celebrate.

Meanwhile, Typhoon Too proceeded to make a ridiculously good impression of themselves, giving the regular teams a run for their money. Timing, technique and togetherness points were high for a boat that had never been together. Only about 3 seconds behind Pershore in their heat and semi. Kudos for beating Amathus second team in the fun race too. Their presence also made the day all the more fun, and we hope to have a second boat again at the next event!


Down to the major final... Typhoon lane 3 next to Amathus in 2 and Kingston in 1. Go! Typhoon had yet again a stonking start to pull away from Amathus. Neck and neck for most of the way, Amathus managed to gradually push ahead of us as the race progressed. We were only beaten by half a boat length. Slightly frantic from Typhoon - the lesson learned was to “race our own race” rather than anyone else’s! Typhoon should be proud to be disappointed to lose to Amathus - a sign that we are getting closer and closer to the top.

Typhoon Too showing good timing


Ladies 200m - one of the most exciting races, with LRC ladies leading all the way! Worcester ladies were steaming ahead and catching, but in the end LRC held nerve won by half a head. Very exciting race to watch and well done to the ladies!

The format of the 2k staggered event at Nottingham included 4 turns. Typhoon were second last to line up, with Kingston ahead and Amathus behind. Typhoon were full of confidence from our good showing at Henley and Nottingham, as well as our typically good turns, and we didn’t disappoint. Typhoon had a steady but powerful race, holding off Amathus for most of the race. They eventually overtook us but not without a fight, whilst we clawed Cambridgeshire Royals back and leapfrogged them on the last 1k. The turns were executed with precision thanks to a now exhausted Becky, especially with heavy traffic on the last turn, she thought fast, called for anchorage and squeezed us expertly between Kingston and the buoy. Typhoon Too also had a respectable race against other more seasoned teams - for a team with newbies in to complete a 2k in such a great time is something to be immensely proud of! 


Best day so far for Typhoon - going home with 200m 2nd place trophy and 200m 1st Ladies trophy! Well done to Li, Joe and Ben for their first BDA event! Once again awesome helming from Becki and Laura. Thanks to Paul Coster for some fine towing of boats.