2015 BDA 1: Liverpool - 3rd May

By Hoi Chan

The day starts well with (almost) all Typhoon arriving on time, setting up camp, with no lampposts causing trouble, or perhaps just a brighter crew this year. With the change in race format this year, Typhoon understood the importance of getting those fastest times and, having shown that we are a contending force over the Henley Winter Series, we're ready and raring to go. 

First up were the heats to determine our place in the semis: 500m against Cambridgeshire Royals and Crusaders. Being the first race of the day, we knew it mattered and pushed through to a win with a lead of 2 seconds. A good result putting us straight into the cup semis.  

With the pep talk over and a slight rearrangement of team, we were back on the water to fight our second battle against Wraysbury and Pershore and as if understanding, the sun came out for us. Knowing the tough competition, we fought hard to blast off the line, gaining ground but sadly this was not enough to ward off Wraysbury, coming second to them. 

This put us into the cup minor final racing against Kingston Royals and Powerhouse. Two strong teams, but again, we were determined to put up a good fight and show them what we are made of. Once again our start was strong and we pulled ahead, pushed by the boats behind us, fighting all the way, but sadly not quite enough to secure a win in the race. Kingston took the race with Typhoon following closely behind. A solid start to our 500m times, not quite what we had hoped for, but some good lessons learnt and ready to do better.

Next up came the 2k pursuit races. Seeded after Kingston, we were determined to chase and hunt them down. With a good winter's worth of endurance training behind us we were ready to push hard, sit up and get big for the chase. With a nice smooth first turn, we pushed through a strong race restart. All the way to other end of the course, under the bridge and with a second beautiful turn and a strong race start back into the home straight. Following a motivational announcement that Wraysbury and Amathus had crashed, we drove even harder all the way home to a 5th in the 2k pursuit. 


With the main league races over, it was time for the LRC Ladies to steal the show and really show them how it's done. Racing against Amathus Ladies and Worcester Ladies, we knew we had a good race ahead. Storming ahead and pushing all the way, the LRC Ladies really did put on a good show, very narrowly missing out on first place by just 0.29 seconds! We'll get them next time for sure!

The final races of the day drew near: 450m buoy turns! Hopefully this year without almost losing our helm. In a cohort with Henley Dragons, Powerhouse and Bristol Dragons, we were keen to give  everyone some valuable race experience. Composure was the key and although tired from a day of racing, we gave it our all but no win, sadly, though keeping our helm was definitely a plus. 


Overall, a solid start to the season. Coming away with things to work on and ideas for pushing forward, we are looking forward to a lovely day in Nottingham with 200m and another 2k pursuit and some strong competition for the rest of the season. 

A massive well done to Jose, Louise and Ed for participating in their first BDA event with Typhoon. Hoping Becki enjoyed not her first BDA, but a first racing for Typhoon and a huge thanks to Paul Coster for lending us his invaluable helming expertise and Laura for her experienced voice of motivation on the drum. 

Hoi Chan, 14th May 2015.