2010 BDA 7: Worcester Fury Race Report

BDA Worcester – 22 August 2010
The Furies

By Marion Yau

Race 1, part a. - 200m Heats

The Typhoon team arrived in Worcester, West Midlands and set up camp with a new curvy gazebo.  The morning weather was cool, calm and the last of the summer breeze was drifting to an end. As the golden rays of the summer sun gave life to the seasonal foliage, it drew forth a blossoming of enthusiasm.  However the will of the heavens were against the inexperience of the new comers and we were unable to participate in our first battle (ahem... could not find our boat ... and no helm.)  We were entered in a later heat.  As the herd of wooden beasts drew onto the start line, we could hear the dragon roar. The toil of the epic journey began to reflect in the new cubs faces as we began our first race.

(The Typhoon Furies and Tigers set up camp).

Race 1, part b. - 200m Heats

We began the race with encouraging words from our leader, Marina, and the Furies were all mentally prepared for the race ahead.  We sat quietly within the dragon boat as it floated quietly along the shallow rivers. With only 18 Furies on the boat and some with only a few days experience, we were all fired up to begin our first 200m. Furies began to lash out with their first stroke like comets hitting the ocean from outer space. There was a bit too much splashing in the beginning which made our start a little weak but as we were hungry for the win (or not to come last), we fought and progressively caught up, coming in 3rd place with an impressive time of 49.10 seconds.  We all celebrated with strong pats on each others' shoulders, making sure not to injure each other like Pete from the 1st team (LOL).  If we did not have the 5 second penalty, we would have celebrated our glory knowing that our time had beaten 5 other crews.

(The Furies, getting ready for their first race)

Race 2 - 200m Tail

Due to the 5 second time penalty for the first race, we were not eligible for the 200m semi-finals therefore we competed for the last two places in the 200m. With many strong Furies on the boat, we had to re-adjust the weight of the boat as it was crowded at the back. This time we made sure that we had enough time to start our battle. With the positive outcome of the first race, the Furies headed into their last 200m with a positive paddling force. Furies had a more elegant start which gave us a better start.  The boat glided smoothly along the river and throughout the race the Furies held composure and timing similar to the ticking of a clock.  Hence we beat the other team by a clear half-boat length.

(The Furies, winning by miles).

Hungry Furies

It was time to strengthen up for the 450m, Furies all set out to gather their grub.  Kong and Marion set up their Wing Yip mini market with fruit, Milo chocolate drinks, Vita  boxes and mouth watering biscuits.

Kenny and Marion spent the previous night hand making wontons for the club. Although a little cold, the team gobbled them up like happy little campers.


  • Thank you to Kenny for driving the wontons down, couldn’t have made it there without you.
  • Thank you to Annie for making the sesame and soya sauce mix and distributing to the members.
  • Thank you to Kevin for getting hot water to make wonton soup.

(Annie Wong, Yin-Ting Lo, Alan Lam getting ready for lunch)

Race 4 - 450m Heats

With the Furies only participating in 2 races in the 200m, this gave us more energy to attack the 450m.  Some Furies returned to us from the 1st team and therefore some re-adjustment had to be made by Marina.  The furies were all ready to paddle again with a full boat. Our start was powerful and the boat burst off from the start line like an ancient dragon awoken from its long sleep ready to attack whoever had awakened it. We powered away so fast that we almost achieved time travel. Coming in 2nd and beating the premier league team Secklow.  A great performance by the Furies - especially as our time of 1.46.87 seconds beat the 1.47.01 time set by Typhoon First team!

Race 5 - 450m Plate Reps

Furies had a super powerful start which lifted us from the start line, maybe it was the real power shots that some of us drank/injected in ourselves (jk) or super wontons coming into action giving us the strength to lead the majority of the race.  Secklow was left behind in the beginning but slowly shuffled closer to us as maybe the thought of losing to the Furies would put them to shame.  In the last 50m we were head to head with Secklow and not even the power of ginseng shots and wonton could help us. On the boat, composure was lost and the Furies began to panic like a pack of wild bulls running along a Spanish street. In the fight for first or second place, Secklow wiggled their noses towards the finish line and pipped us to the post, beating us by only 0.14 of a second, and just missing the opportunity to compete for the semi plates. Overall, a very exciting and fantastic race.

Race 6 - 450m Plate Tail

The last and final race had come and the Furies were all tired little cubs. Despite a long day of paddling we put 100% into our final race. Even the eagerness of the Furies getting 50p hamburgers and hotdogs did not allow us to do better. We were all out in our last 450m and with the slowest time of the day, 1.51.23. But even though it was our slowest time, we weren't far off 1st team time which was only a second faster.  We maintained the times consistently. Race conditions were hard.  We did AMAZING.

As the sun sets and the embers cool (hotdog stand), the winds of change are blowing, with each passing moon we will grow stronger.  Soon we will emerge from the shadows of history (the old first team) and break forth a new era...a time of thunder and FURY!

Memorable moments from some of our Furies:

Maurice Wong:

“Plastering Pete's paddle with an awesome pic of himself.”

“The epic runs to the toilet.“

Alan Lam:

“Chomped on 50p burgers/hotdogs.”

“Marion and Kenny were downing/injecting "REAL ENERGY" shots.”

Elaine Tse:

“Pacing for Typhoon Fury and bickering with Alan at who will drink the "Worcester"  water!"

Kong Shin:

"Helping Pete pull up his pants because he had injured himself."

Marion Yau:

“Getting splashed so much in the 1st race that I was paddling blind.”

“In the ladies race, one of the Secklow’s ladies complimented that I have very nice arm muscles, and that she wouldn’t want to fight me!”

Alan Liaw:

"Feed Alan Lam and Kevin wonton."

"Marion and Annie got all the splash from Lawrence and ME!!"

Thank you and other comments

Congratulation to Elaine for the first time pacing. You did an AWESOME job

Thank you Marina for encouraging us to do better in each race.

Great job Alan for also pacing and warming us up and cooling us down.

(Alan Lam: Warming the Furies up for their first race).

Thank you to Charlotte Wan for drumming every race. You were so brave and you did a superb job!

Many thanks to all the drivers that drove us from London to Worcester.