Super Tigers 2009

With a turnout of 40+ paddlers we had enough numbers to take out three boats (many thanks to Thames for lending us their Elite Boat). The day started at 10am but as usual there was a few late comers so the boats was loaded onto the water and we were ready to go by 10:30. With Pete Ng and Kin Ho coming down especially to helm for us we just needed one more which was rotated between Sam, Dan and Ping. The officials for the day were Yong, Dhana, Phan and Marina - great job girls!!!

Race 1 - Communication is the Key!

Captains: The Gossip Girls, Meme, Bing and Carmen.

Aim of the race was similar to Mario Kart's Balloon race, 4 balloons of three different colours were place all over the regatta, the first boat that collected all the balloons and head back to the pontoon was the winner.

Race 2 - Committee's 500m Major Cup Final

Captains: Dan Chin, Andrew Cheung, Ping

Since we had never made it to a 500m major final in any of this year' BDA events this was a straight forward 500m race, starting from the 500m lines and the winner being the first to cross the line.

01 Race Off - Princess Kalai vs Lord Troi

The two big mouths face it off, princess Kalai vs Lord Troi, with the loser giving up their title... Troi started off strong and cut into Kalai path, but in the end he got severly whooped by a girl as Kalai came out on top!

Race 3 - 01/ Dragonboat relay

Captains: Dan, JC and Michael were the lucky guys to man the O1's.

The rules were, the O1s starts from the finish line where they paddle to the 250m mark, here the Dragonboats are waiting, they then pass the baton to the boats where the boats then race to the 500m and does a u-turn back to the 250m to pass the baton back to the awaiting O1.

The winning team is the O1 that makes it back to the finish line first with the baton.

Race 4 - Lefties Vs Righties (The Ambies)

Captains: Kim, Cain, Alan To

Doing what Typhoon does best, a simple fast 250m race, but with a twist... all paddlers had to paddle on their opposite sides.

Race 5 - Dead Weight (The Coconuts)

Captains: Nilesh, Sunil, Tim

With only 7 paddles in the boat, the first boat to paddle 500m and across the line first was declared the winners.

After the boats and people getting chucked in was over, it was time for Sauna and Dim sum followed by Karaoke and Games upstairs at Yi-Ban.