Super Tigers 2009

2009_SupertigersThanks to DKnY for taking on the job of organising the biggest event on the Typhoon DBC calendar. Forget the Nationals, forget the BDA league, this is what decides the best of the best. There can only be one!! Welcome to Super Tigers 2009!!!

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2009 BDA Nationals

2009_BDA_NationalsBDA Nationals, the place to be where glory is our for the taking. However, all other teams are also bringing their "A" game, how would we fare against them after the longest break from the racing season? Would it be a repeat of last year? Only time will tell...

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2009 BDA 9: Royal Albert Docks


Last BDA League event of the year, this crucial event decided the final positions of all the teams, who would get demoted and who would remain on top of the league.

Typhoon showed up in force with a 3 crews comprising of 70 paddlers, Typhoon Tigers, Typhoon Fury and Typhoon Scratch.

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2009 BDA 8: Caldecotte


Don't have a cow man!!!

First event at Milton Keynes, great weather and cheap food and drinks. A lot of the London teams was not present due to other commitments so Typhoon made the most of it to rank up more needed BDA points

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2009 Bewl Water


First Charity Event of the Year and time to bring out the big guns, the Typhoon Ladies shows their true colours along with some legs whilst the guys just relaxed throwing balls and frisbee

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2009 BDA 7: Worcester


Expect the Unexpected

Having raced at this venue last year, and thinking that I was fully prepared for an intense day of racing, I thought that I held a good perception of what to expect and when to expect things.

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2009 BDA 6: Preston


Finding that "3-2-1!" should mean "build-build-build!"

Typhoon arrived in the comfort of a large 35 seater coach to Preston Dock, ready to leave our mark on the 6th BDA of the season.  The weather was grim, the location a tiring 8-hr journey away from home, and the dock formation meant that few spectators could observe the races. But a local music festival at the dock meant that the race day was pleasantly accompanied by some enjoyable music throughout the event.

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2009 BDA 5: Nottingham


Tigers find the 'turbo' button - but will it help us?

With the Lions Dragonboat Festival taking place in London, Typhoon gathered two boats strong on the grassy banks of the Trent River behind County Hall. This comfortable venue saw the first time Typhoon club had both Tigers and Fury teams wearing the new kit.

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Hong Kong Stanley Cup

4972_95036724700_666959700_1762876_609061_n[1] by you. Weeks of planning had finally brought us to this point. Earlier in the week we had arrived in Hong Kong in small groups of twos and threes or so. We had enjoyed the sights, the food, the shopping, even the rainy weather, but this was the main reason why 17 members of Typhoon’s first and second teams were here.

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2009 BDA 4: Stockton on Tee

2009_BDA_Stockton Fourth BDA of the Season, memories of Bristol from two weeks’ earlier were still etched on each of our minds, can we get our minds settled for today and be able to focus fully? Once again we were a mixture of first and second team paddlers, all had shown their dedication by travelling so far to this event.

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2009 BDA 3: Bristol

With a number of people away in Hong Kong for the Stanley Cup, we had one team entering this event. Exciting day, money couldn't buy the experience, good weather, collisions, and even a boat capsize (not our boat)

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