HWS Series Race II 08/09

2007_HWS_IAfter a night of heavy rain, the morning was surprisingly mild but the waters were still on yellow and the rivers were still rising.

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2008 BDA 1: Liverpool

2008_LiverpoolOn the 6th April 2008, Typhoon Tigers travelled the 4 hour journey to BDA Liverpool. Despite, the harsh weather conditions the event still went ahead. Typhoon Tigers won second place and a trophy in the 500m Major Cup Finals in their first BDA event of the season as a Premier Crew.

Well done and many thanks to Amathus for organising a really good event.

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2008 BDA 2: Exeter

2008_ExeterBDA Number 2, after a successful weekend at Liverpool, we were hoping to do the same thing and proved that we deserved to be at the top quarter of the premier league.

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2008 BDA 3: Cardiff

2008_CardiffBDA number 3, the wonderful infamous Cardiff Atlantic Wharf… for the past two years TT has yet to paddle at this venue and we were determine to make it a day to remember, no Weddings, no Chung Wah, we were ready and strong to take on this event, or so we thought…

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2008 London Hong Kong Dragonboat Festival

2008_LionsSince the formation of Typhoon Tigers in 2003 only one competition lay yet to be claimed by the typhoon tigers...  It seems fitting that the one competition that has yet to be won was the first competition that Typhoon Tigers was specially formed to enter way back in 2003.

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2008 BDA 5: Stockton-on-tee

2008_StocktonLast year, Stockton was our first BDA event of the season and it was one of the highlights of last year. This season we had a few bad events leading up to Stockton and were wondering if we could redeem ourselves…

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2008 Venice: Vogalonga Report

2008_VeniceOur resident poet and writer Edwin Cheung finishes his actual accounts of our Venice trip where we took part in the annual 30km Vogalonga race.

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2008 BDA 6: Nottingham

2008_NottinghamOne of our most successful BDA of 2008!!! With all the major crews at Notingham, Batchworth, Amathus, Kingston and Thames we knew that we would have a tough day ahead of us...

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2008 BDA 7: Preston


New location for the BDA, alas it was all the way up North, even further than Liverpool!!! Typhoon went up there in style with hiring the first minibus in Typhoon history and boy was it an eventful story

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