2006 Henley Winter Series I


Well done to everyone for an outstanding effort at the Henley Winter Series!   This was the first time we've attempted anything even close to this.

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2006 Nationals - HT Report


For the first time EVER we entered into the realm of BDA racing, and it was certainly an eye opener for me (never before have I sat in such a long winded team captains meeting!! joking!)

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2006 BDA 7: Peterborough

typhoontiger_logo Well done with our best 200m performance this season!   We finished 7th at Liverpool and London but at Peterborough we did one better.

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2006 Lions - TT Report


The postponed date for Lionsclub drew a smaller crowd than usual with only 15 teams entering and no sign of the army, police or fire brigade… sorry ladies!.

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2006 Lions - HT Report


We all paddled as hard as we could, and although we didn't get our best times at an event, we still achieved what we set out to do.

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2006 BDA 6: Worcester

typhoontiger_logo After a brilliant performance at BDA London, I'm sure many people thought it was going to be very difficult to do any better.   But we definitely topped that at BDA Worcester yesterday!!

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2006 BDA 4: Exeter

typhoontiger_logo I heard that the venue for BDA Exeter was very beautiful but that thought was far from my mind whilst JC and I was driving around the city looking for the docks!

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2006 BDA 3: Nottingham


With a few missing first teamers, TT had to go to Nottingham with a weakened side.  Therefore Wai-Hung, David, Ed, Zayn and Yong volunteered even though they have only paddled 500m for the first time last week.

Unfortunately we also lost Phil Wong at the last minute due to a recurring injury so Mary (who has never done a 500) filled in!

Expectations going into Nottingham were not high.  We went into the first 200 of the day against Henley and BA hurricanes.  But we were off to a flying start, just nudging ahead after the racing start.  Unfortunately Henley started to pull back on us and pipped us to the post with a time of 52.60, we came 2nd with 53.07 and Ba just 0.32secs behind.

The next race was the repechage and we had to win it to make the semi final. We decided to go with 20 paddlers up against Amathus Bees, Severn Warriors and Amathus Wasps.  Again, we pulled away at the start but Amathus Bees had a stronger finish and just nipped in ahead with 53.16 and we came 2nd with 54.10.

Heads were down but captain for the day JC got our heads back up and ready for the 500m heats.

Our first 500 was against an up and coming crew called Batchworth and Amathus Bees (again).  We went off to a flying start, JC swears we were ahead as we went into length!  I couldn’t tell but I knew we were definitely level.  We kept up with them for around 200m but as expected they pulled away BUT we continued to fight and I have never felt the boat move so powerfully in the final 200, there was hardly any drop in power.

And you know what time we got?  Wait for it…….

2.14.10 our new personal best J  That is a cool 6 seconds of our previous best this season and 4 seconds faster than last year at the Nationals!

But bad news, as soon as we got off we were told we had to do the repechage and go out again straight away.  This wasn’t good because a couple of the guys went to the loo without realising and we had to go out otherwise we’d get a time penalty of 5 seconds.  So with a 16 strong crew we set off with Henley, RD and WAM Dragons waiting.  With tired bodies and minds we still showed courage and commitment, no one complained that we had to do this.  We still managed a very respectable 2.24.29 despite finishing in 3

This put us in the Plate semi finals, our standing here would determine whether we would be in the Major or Minor Plate.  Up against Worcester and Severn Warriors we came home 2nd in 2.17.23 but this we were the fastest runner up so we made the Major Plate Finals for the first time this year.

Henley Eyot, Worcester and the Secklow Housewives were our opponents.  Although we came last we still came in with 2.19.51 again beating our previous best time for the 3rd time.  Secklow won, I guess those housewives have found a hobby to take out their frustrations on ;-)

Overall it was a great performance despite the odds, not one person let us down that day.  We’ve made the Plate Final, beaten our previous best time 3 times in one day, our starts have taken us in the lead in all our races and there are so many positives to take away from this.

Do not let your heads drop because you guys were fantastic, with hard work we can be even better and aim for the Minor Cup Finals


Special Thanks to

Wai for bringing her HT guys with her and despite feeling unwell, still drummed in our last race and being so brave and an inspiration to us all

JC for captaining the side and coaching, and Helen for drumming for our 2nd 200.

Mary, Wai-Hung, Dave, Ed, Yong P, Zayn for stepping up to TT and I think performed magnificently.  I hope the experience makes you crave more.

And of course all of you Tigers for being awesome and showing such commitment!

Our next event is either Chung Wah or Exeter on the 9th July, please vote and decide which one you’d rather do as they both fall on the same day.

Alan H