We are the largest London based dragon boat club with the largest numbers of visitors to our website. Placing second in the 2015 national premier league, sponsorship significantly contributes to our club’s growth and success in both the British Dragon Boat Association (BDA) league, and to introducing the sport to a greater number of people. We wish to continue our success for the 2016 season and this year we will competing in 8 BDA events across the UK, one national tour and at least one international tour. Thus promotion reaches local, national and international communities. Our continued success has resulted in our club being widely recognised in the dragon boat arena with top finishes in charity and national league races for over a decade.

We recognise the importance and the responsibility of having a high profile brand associated with our winning team. As such, we would take pride in giving your brand as much visibility as possible wherever our paddling journeys may take us. A partnership with Typhoon would not only aid a local community sporting group, advertisement of your sponsorship would grow the reach of your brand name, with advertisement via your brand logo's inclusion on our Team website, boat, banners,  event flyers and apparel. Our participation in London, National and International events would see your brand exposed to a wide range of demographics and media. For example, the annual London Lions Dragon Boat festival receives media coverage from the likes of ITV, The Wharf, City AM and Hong Kong based media stations. 

Please contact info@typhoon-dbc.com if you are interested in sponsoring our team.

2015 - Present

Typhoon's partnership with Mushroom Brand Fish Ball began in 2015 when Typhoon supported a Mushroom team entry to the London HK Dragon Boat Festival, placing first in the Open Competition. Since then we have continued to develop and grow our relationship with Mushroom Brand Fish Ball, moving from strength to strength. This year we have represented Mushroom Brand Fish Ball at an international trip (Vogalonga 2016) and several national BDA events. Mushroom Brand Fish Ball sponsored a Typhoon team entry to the London HK Dragon Boat Festival in the professional category, to which we placed third.

The team has enjoyed representing Mushroom Brand Fishball at various events and appreciate the support that Mushroom has given us. We love Mushroom!


2005 - 2009


Typhoon’s partnership with SeeWoo began in 2005 when Typhoon first began entering BDA League races. SeeWoo's financial support over 4 years contributed significantly  towards our annual operating costs and club resources.

SeeWoo is the largest supplier of Chinese foods in the United Kingdom and one of the leading purveyors of Oriental food in Europe.