Typhoon-DBC Training every Saturday

Typhoon recognises that the only way for you to know if you'll enjoy a sport is for you to try it first. We offer new paddlers taster sessions and  look forward to welcoming new faces.

Whether you're a beginner or an expert, come and get a taste of the Typhoon experience. This is the step where you could become part of the new generation of Typhoon. If you are up for more of the sport or just want to try out dragonboating then our weekly Saturday sessions at 9:30am are a must! For more information and to sign up for your FREE session email us on

Typhoon Awards

Typhoon Trophies


Every year we reward the commitment and dedication shown by our members by having a vote on each other based on different categories.  This is also where we award our coveted Super Typhoon Awards to the winners of the Super Typhoon Event and we may have a few left over trophies for the captain's awards to members that have shown their value to the club.





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Website Updates

Nov 2013

  • Upgraded Joomla to 3.1

Feb 2011

  • AT - Upgraded Forum version from phpBB3 3.0.5 to 3.0.8

Sept 2010

August 2010

July 2010

June 2010

  • AT - Added WIKI, Attachments and Version Features to Website
  • PT - Updated Corporate Training Section
  • FY - Updated CSS for Paddler Event Tables
  • PR - Added Nottingham Race Report
  • AT - Added Web Page Traffic Counter

May 2010

  • PT - Monthly comittee newsletters
  • AT - Added Newpaper Article
  • AT - Added Event Calendar
  • AT - Added Trophies Page
  • AT - Newbie Guide FAQs
  • JT - Added Liverpool Race Report

April 2010

  • AT - Added Liverpool Race Report
  • AT - Migrate to
  • CV - Updated DNS to point to correct endpoint
  • AT - Updated Photos Gallery from 2003 - 2008
  • JT - Update the Paddler profiles for 2009 using the same template as 2008 and then think of ways to improve it and look into the possibility of using a database to store O1/C2 times.

March 2010

  • AT - Make home page more into a portal
  • AT - Update about us
  • AT - News - Facebook update to group and twitter all from the same client
  • AT - Each Title need a thumbnail along with meta rich text
  • AT - Remove links of Old Tiger logos
  • AT - Join us update
  • AT - Update tiger awards
  • AT - Changing Layout of the home page can mean that the league tables doesnt have to be in full view and can be a button to load a lightbox with the league table inside. Much better and cleaner.
  • AT - Typhoon flicker account, Can continue to use Alan's Flickr but create a Typhoon DBC collection page.
  • AT - New pictures for banner (incl. Boat/Uniform/Going Out)
  • AT - Fix banners so it scrolls with the rest of the page
  • AT - up and coming events
  • AT - link to facebook/twitter
  • AT - Change facebook name to Typhoon Dragon Boat club
  • AT - brighter club picture (more focused
  • AT - General site: make the background darker; text brighter on the home page

Future Releases

  • Improve SEO
  • Develop Paddler Training Schedule
  • 2010 Team Paddler Photos
  • 2009 Photos Update
  • 2010 Photos Update
  • 2009/2010 Yearbook
  • Typhoon Travel Page
  • Redesign Front Page
  • Typhoon GoogleMap
  • Video Section
  • Intro Video
  • Training Manual
  • Paddler Information Form


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Eye Dotting Ceremony

2009_WintertrainingA few months after we purchased our 2nd boat, we had our Eye Dotting Ceremony to awake the Dragon so that it be battle ready for the last BDA of 2009 at Royal Albert Docks.