A Captain's Promise

Typhoon in Cyprus

Dear Typhoon,

A big and warm welcome to new, existing and returning members alike to the 2016 DB season. What a season we had last year, finishing 2nd in the Premier Division and having 7 members representing our country at the World Champions in Canada.

We have started the season with a bang already, and this year promises to be an exciting and hard fought battle. We already have 6 members who will be representing GB in the European champions in Rome this July, and have seen two of our fantastic ladies winning silverware at the Va'a OC World Champions too! 
So what do we have planned for this year? My aims for our club this year are:

1. Typhoon 1 to win the National League; and Typhoon 2 to make at least four Plate Major Finals

2. Continue to grow the club, mentally and physically

3. Typhoon to become a more self-sufficient club

What does this mean for you reading this? It means we have a challenging but exciting year ahead of us, where I will rely on your commitment to the club in training, in racing and most importantly in having fun doing what we love doing: Dragon Boat Racing! The club is realising its potential; with last season being our best performance to date, we must continue the momentum.
In return I promise you the reward will be worth it; growing as a family, winning as one, and making memories and bonds to last a lifetime!
Race, Win, Grow!
Steven Poon
Typhoon Captain