2015 BDA 4: Stockton - 14th June


By Ime Udoh

Typhoon arrived in Stockton after a huge protein fest the night before at locally rented cottage in Great Ayton, Middlesbrough. After a number of chicken selfies, a quality BBQ and birthday celebrations we departed to our beds to rest up for the following race day.

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2015 BDA 3: Runnymede - 31st May


By Jeffrey Chan.

BDA Runnymede, a new venue for the BDA and after the large turnout for Typhoon at Nottingham, they repeated the feat with another two team contingent for Runnymede.

The venue was not the only thing new, Runnymede was also to be the debut of the new yet to be named Typhoon Champion boat, which underwent a hasty eye dotting ceremony the day before to awaken the dragon and prepare it for racing.

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2015 BDA 2: Nottingham - 17th May


Pushing onto the second race of the season, Typhoon had a great start at Liverpool and looked to make further progress and perhaps cause an upset at Nottingham. As long as they can find their directions and not take the wrong turns! Typhoon even turned up with double power in the form of Typhoon Too - thanks to the heroic efforts of the committee and their enthusiastic friends.

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2015 BDA 1: Liverpool - 3rd May

2015-05-03 Liverpool Typhoon on the water

The first race of the 2015 BDA league: Typhoon are pumped and ready to fight hard to maintain, if not better, their 4th place ranking in the 2014 Premier League. 

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