2010 BDA 1: Royal Albert Docks

2010_BDA_Albert_DocksFirst BDA of 2010, with all the premier teams showing up to race it was a good opportunity to see who were the runners and riders for 2010 and there were some surprises in store...


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2010 BDA 2: Liverpool

2010_BDA_LiverpoolBDA Number 2, time to go to Liverpool for Typhoon's 1st BDA away from London. Fun galore with Belly Dancing, Posh Kebabs and our favourite sleepover place, the Travelodge.

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2010 BDA 3: Nottingham

2010_BDA_NottinghamWith the new Ridley Scott Robin Hood in the Cinemas it was time for Typhoon to visit the home of the King of Thieves for BDA number 3 of 2010.

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2010 BDA 5: Exeter

2010_BDA_ExeterHaving skipped BDA Preston, Typhoon travelled down to the south west corner of England to compete in the last of the 'non-local' event of the season. Camping, sight-seeing and some close-run races ensued.

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2010 BDA 6: Caldecotte

2010_BDA_CaldecotteVisiting the home ground of Secklow 100, Typhoon returned in force with 50 paddlers in two teams, Typhoon Tigers and an encouraging debut BDA for Typhoon Scratch.

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2010 BDA 7: Worcester Fury Race Report

2010_BDA_Worcester_FuryThe Typhoon team arrived in Worcester, West Midlands and set up camp with a new curvy gazebo.  The morning weather was cool, calm and the last of the summer breeze was drifting to an end. As the golden rays of the summer sun gave life to the seasonal foliage, it drew forth a blossoming of enthusiasm.

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