Alan To

Nickname: Solid-al, Salad-al, Cookie-al

Status: Active
Headhunted to join HT when I was a captain of my corporate team at the end of 05'. Trained with HT for 2 sessions for the Superdragons event that never happened. Joined TT in 06.

HWS Nov 06' / Feb 08'
GRR Sept 07'
Venice Vogalo
nga 08'
All TT Charity/BDA Standard League events from June 2006.

Height: 1.72m
Weight: 71kg
Special Feature: Arms bigger than most people's leg

Position on the boat: Right, Left...Whatever!
I am easy, whichever position the captain wants me in... pace, engine, rocket.

TT Most Committed Paddler 2006

Concept 2 500m: 1:41m
01 500m Time Trial: 3:24m


Winning Motivates me! Competitive by nature and keen to work hard to get results.

It been a fun two years, with loads of laughs from the crew, we are not only team mates, we’re family!

I bring to the team my commitment to improve, power to succeed and my shoulder popping skills in the clubs :)

Smart, Sporty, has an alternative identity.