History & Achievements



  • Congratulation for Katja, Kim, Jason and Will for making it into the 2014 GB team




  • Winner of Henley Winter Series Most Improved Team for Race II
  • Typhoon Ladies won trophy at Worcester
  • 'Typhoon UK'  team raced in Macau International Dragonboat Race
  • Typhoon paddlers also raced as a charity team in Hong Kong Stanley International Dragonboat Race
  • Hosted a fun dragonboat stag event
  • SuperTigers was renamed Super Typhoon
  • Andrew Cheung remained Captain with Alan To as vice
  • Brought two new 01 boats - Twin Tigers and Hurricane
  • BDA league Tables Results - 8th in the 500m and 8th in the 200m [Premier League]



  • Runner Up to the BDA Nationals Plate Competition (2nd Place)
  • Entered 3 Teams into DBA London, Tigers, Fury and Scratch
  • Eye-dotting ceremony for the club's new dragonboat
  • Accenture who have won the CW challenge 2 years running (2008-9)
  • At Lions 2009, Accenture and WP came 3rd and 4th
  • BarCap came 2nd at a corporate event
  • Purchase of a second Boat (Pel)
  • Coming 9th (out of 124 teams) in the Mixed Competition of the Hong Kong Stanley International Dragonboat Race
  • 36 Club Members with Triviums paddles
  • Daniel Chin becomes TT Captain with Andrew Cheung as Vice
  • Huricanne Tigers is renamed as Typhoon Fury for the BDA Standard League
  • BDA league Tables Results - 6th in the 500m and 6th in the 200m [Premier League]


  • 8 Major Cup BDA Trophies (Ranging from 1st to 3rd)
  • 4 BDA Scratch Crew Trophies for HT
  • Great River Race - finishing in 2h:23m raising over 4k for Breast Cancer
  • First International Event at Vogalonga Venice
  • Winner of Henley Winter Series Most Improved Team for Race II
  • TT First Season in the Premier League finishing 3rd in the 200m and 5th in the 500m
  • HT winning Charity events Chung Wah and Kingston Rotary
  • HT Winning Scratch Crew trophies for Victoria Docks and BDA Nationals Cup
  • HT entered two BDA events, London Albert Docks and London Victoria Docks
  • HT & TT New Racing Top Uniforms
  • Club gets their first three O1's - the Runner Bean, the Chilli Bean and the Jag
  • Andrew Cheung becomes HT Captain
  • Andrew Liu becomes TT Captain
  • BDA league Tables Results - 4th in the 500m and 3th in the 200m [Premier League]


  • 6x Major Finals in all 6 events for the BDA Nationals and 4th Place overall
  • Winner of the BDA new Perpetual Trophy (Most Improved Team Award)
  • First Attempt at The Great River Race, 21st (out of 268) 22miles in 2h:35m
    Raised £2,043.00 for charity (Demelza)
  • TT Winning the Standard League with Maximum Points at 500m
  • HT coming in 2nd in all their Charity Events, Rotary London, Rotary Kingston, Lions, Chung Wah
  • New Club Wind Jacket Uniform
  • Trivium paddles arrives for the London Albert Dock BDA event
  • Purchase first boat (Champion)
  • Dhana, Kalai, Yong (DKnY) becomes HT Captains
  • BDA league Tables Results - 1st in the 500m and 1st in the 200m [Standard League]


  • First Attempt at the Henley Winter Series (7km Race)
  • First full season with the BDA, finishing as 5th in the 500m Standard League Division
  • Training Ground moved to Royal Albert Docks with Thames DBC Crew Membership including Helm training
  • TT are Winners of the Rotary, Kingston, Chung Wah Charity Events coming in 2nd at the Lions event
  • Launch of Typhoon Tigers Website
  • BDA league Tables Results - 5th in the 500m [Standard League]


  • First year of Super Tiger - created due to the cancellation of the Super Dragons Docklands event
  • Successful Conquest of the BDA Nationals with our "Beef Cake" crew sporting a new shaven look
  • Winners of the Canary Wharf Challenge, Docklands
  • 2nd in the DLM CW Challenge, Docklands
  • Winners in the Chung Wah, Dorney Lake Windsor
  • BDA National League, Surrey Quays - Winners of the 500m Plate Major Finals
  • 2nd in the London Chinatown Lions Club, Docklands
  • 2nd in the Rotary, Docklands
  • Pete Wong steps down as TT captain and handover to Ping Chan
  • New Slick Nike Vest Uniforms
  • First year of Sponsorship from See Woo


  • 3rd place overall of the Scratch Teams at the BDA Nationals (Nottingham) and Winners (1st) of 200m Scratch Championship
  • 2nd in the SuperDragons, Docklands
  • 2nd in the DLM CW Challenge
  • 2nd in the London Chinatown Lions Club, Docklands
  • 3rd in the Kingston Rotary event
  • 2nd place in the Rotary Docklands
  • Second Team (Hurricane Tigers) formed with Wai Ho as Captain of HT


  • Raced three charity events in our first season (Dragon Alive, Canary Wharf and Lions)
  • Typhoon Tigers formed by Kimy Liu, Chrissy Man and Pete Wong